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Based on biochemical science, disease is a result of hereditary predispositions (which can be balanced) nutritional deficiencies (as a result of poor diet and/or impaired absorption), exposures to xenotoxins, heavy metals, pathogens, and environmental toxins.

Sharon Brennan practices a holistic healing model re-establishing the body’s innate healing processes that have become comprised from such exposures with a tailored supplement protocol and Nutritional Therapy to support the major foundations of wellness.  Her unique approach respects bio-individuality making each Patient Plan specific to the individual.


Why A Good Multi Vitamin and Mineral Is Important For Everyone!

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recommends at everyone take a multivitamin and mineral daily!  North Americans are overfed and undernourished.


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splash-of-fruitPlease take a minute to stop by the new www.WholeHealthyLiving.com.  Share with your family, friends and groups!  And please take advantage of my September special!  Initial Intake visit on-line or in my office $10 with Blood Chemistry Analysis and Nutri-Q Health Assessment.  Discover your imbalances and how they brought you to your current state of health!